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Wall Ball Anyone?
by posted 04/02/2020


I am so sad that we are unable to come together as a team! I was looking forward to getting out on the field and watching these ladies grow.  My family has been getting outside when the weather is nice. While lacrosse is a team sport, there is a lot players can do on their own or with their family to stay busy and hone skills.  Here are a few easy activities we have enjoyed...sorry these may take some paint off your garage/house.


1. P.I.G. - Use any type of goal or tape one to the side of your garage. Try bottom right, top left, dodges, spins, behind the back, no look, etc. Be as creative as you can, lacrosse players these days come up with new moves all the time!

2. Ring the Bell - hang a bell on your garage and be the first to ring it with your dead eye shooting skills. 

3. Wall Ball - Once kids get the hang of this, it's almost medatative (almost). I've included a short wall ball video from superstar lacrosse player Taylor Cummings.  She is considered one of the best players out there!


Wishing you all a healthy spring,



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